Front yard:

• clean gutters
• do lawns and edging
• redress garden beds
• hose down and wash driveway and footpaths
• neat & tidy street appearance is important

Inside the home:

• de clutter – less is best
• remove any extra furniture in hallways and stair wells
• create an open and spacious impression throughout the house
• do any odd jobs around the house eg: fix taps, fix loose door handles, adjust any curtains & blinds,
replace light bulbs, reseal any shower and bath edges if required
• general clean and tidy up throughout the house – a clean, fresh impression is appealing
• ensure the home is free of odours and is light and airy

Rear yard:

• wash down any foot paths, decking & entertaining areas
• weed and redress gardens beds
• cut back and tidy up over grown trees, plants etc.
• cut & edge lawns
• general clean-up of any shedding areas
• remove any unnecessary items within the house garage and create a spacious parking area
• attempt to keep gardens and lawns lush and green

Inspection time:

• have the curtains open to allow as much natural light as possible
• is your home smelling fresh and inviting? Think about fresh flowers or a scented candle
• remove any animal beds, bowls and toys to the laundry or shed
• attempt to leave the property when your agent is bringing buyers through the home
• turn on lighting and adjust heating or cooling to make the property comfortable. If you are unable to
do this, arrange for your agent to do this prior to the inspection time

For more tips on presenting your home for sale, enquire with one of our sales agents who will attend your property well before going onto the market.